Spirtonic is a natural energy BOOST.

It is  a unique blend of premium quality

Spiruline spirtonic recette
Guarana spirtonic recette
Acérola spirtonic composition


vitality & base force

"I am a very old ancestor of yours. Billions of years old. My size is microscopic but i contributed to the emergence of life on earth. That is why people call me "MAMA SPIRULINA".

Now i help humans get connected to their roots and awaken the life force within them.

I am a symbol of prosperity, bounty and longevity.  There are billions of little spirals contained in a tiny spoon of spirulina.

During daylight, i get my energy from the sun and use it to reproduce and grow.

This transformation is fast and very efficient and i will help you transform if you take me every day :) 

Beware, i need to be dried at a low temperature to give you maximum  benefits !



awakening, clarity & acuity

People call me "the eye of the forest". It is exactly what i look like, an opening eye...

This is my main effect, i open the eye of consciousness, awaken the senses, help you see from a different perspective.

Traditionnally, the guarani tribe used me to stay awake and focus for long hunting sessions

I  have been dried in a clay hoven at low temperature, all my nutrients are preserved.

I am a neurone booster naturally rich in coffeine. In the potion SPIRTONIC my effect is balanced by the associations with other plants.

A little caution, I am too strong for children and pregnant ladies!



"Red and juicy, i look like a little heart. Ia m a champion of vitamine C content and help assimilate the iron that you find in spirulina.
I can vibrate your heart with joy, lightness of being and good vibe :)

In the blend i help the circulation between the root energy (spirulina) and the head centers (guarana) so these two can meet and rejoice 

in the heart.

joy and lightness


Ginger & Spices

"i am a well known blend  of spices that Yogi Bhajan used to serve to his yoga students after class. They call me "chai" in India.

I help stabilise the nerves and stimulate the digestive system by balancing the 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether.

I contribute to the good assimilation of Spirtonic and enhance its beneficial action. 


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warmth & radiance

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