Once upon a time ....

The father of Spirtonic is our friend Gilles ! 

Gilles is a spirulina lover, he gets inspired by natural ecosystems for his researches on the micro algae.
He served  the magical potion for the first time in June 1996 during the "Fête des passions" located in Tourbes (Hérault, France)

Gilles Planchon

Laurent discovered this magical potion during a meeting with Gilles on Larzac Plateau in 2003.

Being a yoga practitioner with his friend Charles, they realized the negative effects of alcohols and drugs on their body.
Spirtonic appeared to them as great alternative to keep on dancing all night long without secondary effects :)

Laurent & Charles, 2003

Since 2011 they worked on the recipe to give it a good  taste and stabilize the effects of it.
Quality tests on each ingredient allowed us to find the bests suppliers. Today, the taste and the boost  are guaranteed!

 The wardrobe of our Natural Energy Drink evolved overtime...

New cup made from algae

Spirtonic bio


First Spirtonic : The Spiru'Tonix


Our graphists team from Yellow Lab started to work on Spirtonic


Organic Label

Akal Food get inspired by nature to create sparkling recipes !

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